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Will - Boss Wolf
Will - Boss Wolf

Will got his BS in Geology which explains why he is running a radio station - okay, he does have a little piece of paper known as a Masters Degree in Business, too! (He's a pretty smart guy, but we have to give him a hard time now and then.) His love for radio finally got the better of him and he started looking for the perfect radio station. The search ended up with the purchase of KWUF and the Spears moved to Pagosa Springs in 1999.

Pagosa Springs ended up being a great place for Will, as he is an avid skier. We sometimes find him outside skiing around the station grounds!

Will does general administration, voice spots for advertising, live broadcasts, production work and a host of other duties to keep "The Wolf" singing.


Christie - Bossette Wolf
Christie - Bossette Wolf

Christie has a degree in Art History and lends a little extra class and culture to our group. She helps keep the books straight, does voice spots for advertising, and numerous other jobs around the station that keep it running smoothly. She is also a Sales Representative here to assist our advertisers in choosing which great offerings in radio advertising will best serve them.


Chris - On Air Personality

Chris is "The Voice of Pagosa Sports" and has broadcasted so many games for Pagosa that he pretty well knows everyone by name, not just number. Between games he is in our studio as our On Air Personality. He has been with the station since 1994.



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