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Frequently asked questions.

Q. How long has KWUF radio been around?

The original radio station was started in 1979 and Will bought the station and the Wolf was born in 1999.

Q. Do you play music all night?

Yes, although most of us may not be up at 3 a.m., if you are - the "Wolf" is there for you! And, KWUF is streaming 24/7 on the website so you can take your favorite station with you on vacation or when traveling - or our visitors can take it back home with them!

Q. How do I know what remote broadcasts there will be?

Just check out our Events Page for a calendar of our live broadcasts. If you are a sports fan check out our sports only live broadcasts calendar on the Sports page.

Q. Do you air pro hockey games?

Yes, we have the Colorado Avalanche team broadcasts.

Q. Do you broadcast pro basketball?

Yes, we have coverage of the Denver Nuggets.

Q. Do have coverage of any pro football?

Yes, we have our Denver Broncos games.

Q. I love jazz. Do you play it?

Yes, on our FM 106.1 station we have Jazz Trax (smooth jazz), Legends of Jazz (mainstream), and some eclectic jazz on our Colorado Wave show. Check out our FM 106.1 Page for the current programming schedule.

Q. What kind of music is on your AM station? Your FM?

On AM we have great country music and a mix of news, talk, sports and a listener favorite - the buy and sell "Tradio" Show.

On FM we have adult contemporary music with some of the best music of the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s put in to make a stellar mix.

Q. Your wolves are so cool! Do they have names?

Yes, our AM wolf is Anthony Mark Kwuf and our FM wolf is Fenris Magnus Kwuf (Fenris is a wolf of Scandinavian legend and Magnus means great and is pronounced MAG-ness).

Q. How tall is the FM Tower?

The FM Tower is 40 feet tall and stands on Oak Brush Hill (elevation 8,684).

Q. How tall is the AM Tower?

The AM Tower is 354 feet tall and stands on the hill behind the station (elevation 7,064).

Q. Why are the AM and FM towers different heights?

The placement and height of the towers are determined by natural and manmade physical interference (mountains, cliffs, buildings, etc.) and the desired range for the station.

Q. Do the same people that own KWUF own any other stations?

Yes, they also own 3 sister stations to KWUF: KZBR 97.1 FM, KGIW 1450 AM, and KALQ 93.5 FM which are located in Alamosa, Colorado.

Q. I've heard Chris for a long time. How long has he been with KWUF?

Chris was with the original station when Will bought it in 1999.

Q. Sometimes I can't listen to Good Morning Pagosa because I am busy then. Do you have it archived?

Yes, we archive them for a week. We record them every day and replace them the next week when the next show is broadcast. Just go to the Good Morning Pagosa Page and choose the day you missed.

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