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Click for Pagosa Springs, Colorado Forecast
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Pagosa Springs, CO

How it all started.

It seems Will was always interested in radio, even as a kid. He was one of those kids with a cool crystal radio set and big dreams. As he got older, he became a live DJ (they didn't have dead ones back then) for parties and events. He also played guitar and sang with a band.

After annoying interruptions, like getting his degree and MBA, Will eventually got back to his radio dreams. He started looking to buy a station and the perfect one for him proved to be in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. The fact that nearby Wolf Creek Pass has the most snow in Colorado and that Will is an avid skier had no influence whatsoever on this decision. ; ) (We sometimes even find him outside skiing around the station grounds!)

KWUF Building

By September of 1999 Will owned his station. And, the "Wolf" was officially adopted.

Later, Will also bought a sister station, KZBR 97.1 FM, in Alamosa, Colorado.

And, in 2010 he purchased KGIW 1450 AM and KALQ 93.5 FM in Alamosa, Colorado.



KWUF is a member of the National Association of Broadcasters and the Colorado Broadcasting Association, and the Pagosa Springs Chamber of Commerce.



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